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Ride with Jessie.

5 of 5 stars reviewed on 24 January 2018

Horse riding for my daughter who has some experience with riding. She was a bit reserved about going, thinking it would be just sitting on a passive horse for a trail walk. After the brief briefing all the other times were spent riding, for a little over 2 hours. She came back all smiles and glowing wanting to continue horse riding when we got home (not the news my wallet was hoping to hear). Jessie (a lovely pale golden colour) was now the most wonderful horse in the world. Those who felt comfortable were able to canter. The bareback ocean ride was a real treat and the horses seemed to like the cool water. Well worth it for those who enjoy animals, water and relaxing opportunity to chat with fellow travellers.

Fabulous family beach ride.”

5 of 5 stars reviewed on 23 January 2018.

We enjoyed our afternoon riding horses picked to suit our size and ability. All care was given to our children and the guides all took an interest in us. It really is a wonderful experience.

Definite must.”

5 of 5 stars reviewed on 26 December 2017

You definitely have to do this if you are on Maggie, we booked online and paid before we got there, so we didn’t miss out. The owner and the riders were helpful, the ride and the swim was awesome. As my daughter and son have never ridden before, they made them feel at ease. We loved our horses: Cougar, Bentley, Kitaboy and Chocci Brown.


5 of 5 stars reviewed on 10 December 2017

This was the highlight of our trip for my birthday. I love the trail ride especially when we went bear back in the water. That was such a cool experience. Could of done with a little more fast paced sections, but was a fantastic tour with great guides.

Fantastic experience

5 of 5 stars reviewed on 7 November 2017

Highly recommend a visit to Horseshoe Bay Ranch. My husband & 2 children aged 14 & 11 had the best day there. From the bush ride to the beach and then riding bareback in the ocean was a wonderful experience. Caters to everyone as I was not a experienced rider but also to the more advanced rider giving everyone the opportunity to ride at there comfort level. Staff very friendly and helpful special thanks to Lauren especially for her time. Worth every cent 🐴

“An amazing experience!”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 10 December 2013 

Riding at Horseshoe Ranch was a fantastic experience! Me and my friend went for an afternoon ride and from start to finish, it was brilliant! Very friendly staff, beautiful, well kept horses, good quality tack and the ride was well suited to the ability of the group (from experienced riders to those that hadn’t ridden before). Riding in the sea was a complete treat. All in all and an amazing day! Thank you and thank you for giving me Oaky, a treat and pleasure to ride.

- Caroline


5 of 5 stars Reviewed 6 December 2013

Loved every moment. Friendly staff. You get the most out of your money. Suited for experienced and new riders. Definately going back next time! It’s a bush to beach ride where you even get the opportunity to ride bareback through the ocean! Highly recommended!

- Brisbane, Australia

“Best time of my life.” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 28 November 2013

It was so awesome and the staff are so helpful. Going in the ocean with the horse is a must do!!!! We are so coming back here next time for sure.

“Great experience!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 28 October 2013

Great value for money, lovely staff so friendly I was very nervous on the horses and they made me feel so comfortable! So much fun, I recommend! - London, United Kingdom

“Great Adventure.” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 5 September 2013

Great ride especially in the water, staff very friendly and patient. Horses were alive and obedient. Saddle was very comfortable and.the photos were fantastic.

- Newcastle, Australia

“Great Day Out.” 5 of 5 starsReviewed 31 August 2013

A fantastic way to spend the day. Excellent girls in charge, lovely horses and strolling a long the beach was well worth it.

“Perfect for first time horse riding.” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 18 August 2012.
This was a birthday gift for my beautiful partner and I must admit she was impressed. The staff at the ranch were professional, friendly and most of very capable with a horse. The experience went for a couple of hours with enough variation of riding speed to make it interesting the whole time. Taking the horses on the beach was a wonderful experience and the location was perfect.

     If you come over on the ferry and haven’t rented a car, the bus will drop you at the top of the streat the Ranch is located on. A short 5 minute walk down the street and up the driveway gets you there comfortably. In fact, if you don’t mind a small walk, Horseshoe Bay itself is only a 20 minute walk with a optional stop at the Koala Santuary for a cold drink if desired.

Definately recommend the experience. Thanks to the team and ‘Jack’ (the horse I was given).

- QLD, Australia

“Exactly as advertised.” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 4 July 2012.
Caring staff and nice horses. Spent time on the beach and actually getting down there by horse. Beach was ours and the horses were well behaved as the riders went bareback in the water. We went in the afternoon and had a ball. Neither of us were equestrian types.

- Sydney, Australia

“Beach horses.” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed 28 June 2012.
I love horses and what a beautiful environment, even though I was running late the staff there still looked after me. Great Day.

- Sydney, Australia

“One of the best things I did in Australia.”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 22 June 2012.
This was truly amazing. I’d only ridden once before but my lack of experience didn’t matter and my horse, Jack, was a star. The trotting through the forest and then along the beach into the sea was fantastic. For $100 (£65) for 2 hour.

I think it was well worth it.

- London, United Kingdom

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