Magnetic Island


Please find below some FAQ’s. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us by email or phone (07) 4778 5109

I have never ridden a horse before is this ride suitable for me?

Yes, we have a number of very gentle horses who are used to beginner riders, you will be given instruction before the ride to understand how to control your horse and guides will always be nearby to help.

Where do the rides start and finish?

All of our rides start and finish at the ranch on Gifford Street in horseshoe bay.

I am an experienced rider do I have to ride with beginners?

The tour starts as one group but we always have enough guides so the more experienced riders can head off a bit faster and those people who are more happy at a gentle pace can just cruise along slowly.

My camera is not waterproof, will it get wet?

When we stop at the beach we have plenty of time to get changed and you can leave your camera so that it does not get wet in the sea.

Do we have to wear stinger suits?

Yes, within the stinger season October-May we provide all customers with a stinger suit for wearing in the sea.  These need to be put on at the beach if you wish to go into the water to keep you safe from the threat of jellyfish.

Do I have to ride my horse in the water?

No, this is optional but is the best part of the ride and a truly magical experience, even beginner riders are capable of riding into the sea and guides are on hand to help out at all times.

Can children come on the ride?

Yes we can take children from the age of 6 on the two hour tour, and for younger children we can offer hand lead pony rides.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, we provide safety certified helmets in a variety of sizes, so everyone has a well fitting helmet.

Can I take photos during the ride?

Yes once your have your confidence, you are welcome to take photos along the way.

Can I bring my backpack on the ride?

No, we provide small bum-bags for personal items, bigger bags must be left behind, we have a secure area where you can leave belongings.

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